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This is one of the most common reasons I get visitors to my shop. So here is the advice I give to any parents enquiring about first shoes. .

We recommend that you buy your child’s first pair of shoes when they are walking confidently and are ready to walk outdoors. While your child is learning to walk, let them walk around the house in bare feet. This enables their feet to develop without any restriction from shoes or socks. Your child’s balance and co-ordination will be better if they can feel the ground directly beneath their bare feet.

We have a range of excellent first shoes for your child. As the advice is always “bare foot is best”, the shoes I recommend are for children that are confidently walking. They have super flexible soles to allow their feet to move in the most natural way, they are fully leather which makes the upper and lining very soft, comfortable and breathable and they are slightly higher for more ankle support. They are a style that is made all year round with a change of colour to compliment the season. They will be fitted with a high standard of care, as are all the shoes I fit, and it is recommended they are checked every 4-6 weeks to ensure growth spirts are not missed and we can spot when new shoes are needed before causing problems with the toes. You would be very unlucky to need new shoes that often but regular checking is highly recommended, especially up to the age of 5 years as this is the time of rapid growth.

If pre-walking shoes are required, I also have a stock of those. They are not really recommended for the health of the feet but if necessary for nursery or an event, I can fit them also.

I will carry out the usual checks and assessments when fitting all first shoes and if in the event I feel your child is not ready for shoes i.e. they are affecting the way they usually walk, I will recommend to wait a little while until there is some further development.

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First Shoes
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